Chinmaya Panda

M. Tech. Student in Biological Engineering (2018 – Present)

I hold a B. Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering from National Institute of Technology Patna and I have extensive research experience in computational drug modeling, design and molecular dynamics simulation. My research interest lies in the fields of immunoinformatics and neuroinflammation, i.e. establishing a link between innate immunity and neurodegenerative diseases. I would like to gain experience in handling biological systems and foresee myself as a successful researcher in my research field.

My preliminary research here encompasses assessing the effects of various post-translational modifications on the interaction patterns of aggregation-prone β – 1, 2 and 8, strands of Alzheimer’s tau protein structure through molecular dynamics simulation and using various in vitro assays.

(Currently away from campus on DAAD Scholarship to RWTH Aachen University.)


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