Krittika Ralhan

Ph.D. Scholar

Ms. Krittika is a student member of Indian peptide society and American peptide society. Apart from publishing her recent research on improving the methodology of peptide synthesis in a peer-reviewed journal, she has also resented her work at several national and international conferences. As a graduate teaching fellow, she has taught various courses to undergraduate and postgraduate students at IIT Gandhinagar. Apart from academics, her interests include singing, reading fiction, cooking and tasting world cuisines.

As a graduate student, she wants to push her research by developing aggregation inhibitors and grafting them in stable scaffolds to test their activity against neuronal protein aggregation involved in AD. She firmly believes in the potential of this project to develop exciting new leads in AD therapeutics.


Ms. Krittika Ralhan is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Biological Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar. She completed her bachelor’s from Kurukshetra University and master’s from Banasthali University. It was during her dissertation work at Central Drug Research Institute, where she worked on malarial proteins, she got interested in the impact of proteopathies on human health. As a doctoral candidate, her current work focuses on designing and synthesizing peptide-based inhibitors for tau protein aggregation involved in Alzheimer’s disease (AD).